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Minidisco | Kids Songs
Minidisco | Kids Songs: MINIDISCO 2020 | NON STOP | English | Songs for Kids | Learn the Dance | Mi

Keep an eye on yourself and stay fit! Learn the dances of these children’s songs. Some of the dances are not easy, but with a little practice it will certainly work! Let’s Begin Come Along And Dance Toomba Family Finger Hold Ya Head Startrekkin’ Head Shoulders Knee and Toe Choo Choo Wa Bang Bang Bang Boom Boom Shake Shake The Finger Song RamSamSam Superman Kids Songs, Mini Disco, Kids Disco and Children’s Songs are part of Django Music & Publishing. We are a music production company specializing in making dance music for children for children's entertainment on holiday at home and abroad, nurseries, primary schools and songs customized for businesses. Learn more about Mini Disco? Watch and follow us on: (WEBSITE) Klik hier Klik hier Klik hier (YOUTUBE) Klik hier also available on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music and YouTube Music More children’s Songs: CHILDREN'S SONGS | ALL ENGLISH SONGS - Klik hier DISCO | CARTOON | ENGLISH - Klik hier RHYMES | VIDEO CLIP | ENGLISH - Klik hier CHILDREN'S SONGS | ENGLISH - Klik hier RHYMES | CARTOON | ENGLISH - Klik hier DISCO | DANCE | ENGLISH - Klik hier CHU UA | ALL INTERNATIONAL VERSIONS - Klik hier BATE VIRA | ALL INTERNATIONAL VERSIONS - Klik hier FINGER | ALL INTERNATIONAL VERSIONS - Klik hier SONGS | CARTOON | ENGLISH - Klik hier